5 Quick Tips to Untangle a Necklace Knot

Untangle a Necklace Knot

When you have a tangled mess of necklaces and chains, sometimes the easiest solutions are the best.

With that in mind, here are 5 quick tips to untangle your most prized pieces while keeping them intact and tangle-free.

Try Putting Your Chain In The Freezer

This method works by freezing the metal and making it stiffer, allowing you to pick apart the knot with a toothpick or similar tool. You’ll need a plastic bag (zipper bags work best, but any plastic will do), a toothpick, and about 30 minutes of time to wait for your chain to freeze. 

Just place your knotted chain into the bag, remove as much air as possible before sealing it shut, then wait for 30 minutes before removing the chain from its icy cocoon. 

Don’t forget that while this method is handy at untangling knots in chains and metal jewelry components, you’ll want to be careful when using it on pearls, they can crack easily if exposed to extreme cold.

Use Conditioner Or Baby Oil

The best way to use a product like this is to put a small amount on your index finger and thumb. Rub it gently into the knot. Don’t worry too much about putting the product on the metal. A very small amount of residue will remain on the metal when you are finished, but it can easily be wiped off with a dry towel. Any conditioner or baby oil that remains in the necklace’s weave will just condition and polish your gemstones, but remember that these products can damage some finishes, so if you have a plated necklace use caution or try another method.

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Use A Safety Pin

If you do not have a pin on hand, simply use the one at the bottom of your bra strap. Be sure to choose one with a larger head. It’s easier to work with and will better fit through most knots.

Now that you’ve chosen the right pin, turn your chain over and place it face-down on a flat surface such as a table or countertop. Try not to leave it on an uneven surface as it will be more difficult to maneuver the safety pin without losing control of the necklace.

You may need to slightly pull apart the broken ends of your necklace so you can get a good look at its knot. but don’t pull too hard! If you yank too hard, you might end up breaking either end off, which would make things much harder.

If you spot the knot, get ready for some careful concentration! You’ll want to slowly move the safety pin into position until it is going between each link and then inching forward into the knot itself. Keep moving slowly and carefully until you have worked your way through all of those knotted links! Once free, polish off any tarnish with jewelry cleaner or polish, and get ready for another round of happy adornment!

Cursive S It Out

  • Lay the initial strand flat and pull both ends out as far as they’ll go to create a straight line.
  • Grab one end of the strand with your right hand, and place your left thumb on the middle of the necklace. Your thumb acts as a marker that stops you from pulling out too much chain.
  • With your right hand, begin to loop the necklace into a cursive S shape, starting at opposite ends of the strand and working inwards towards your thumb (and without it ever leaving its spot in the middle).
  • Keep going until you’ve formed an “S” shape with no chain left over. If you’re successful, you should have a tiny knot at each end of the S. Give each knot a gentle tug to loosen them up, then take off! That’s it—you’re done!

Try Using Scissors

Cutting is not a good solution for every tangled necklace. Some chains are too delicate, some are too expensive, etc. If you think it would be a terrible idea to cut the chain of your necklace, we’ll assume you’re smart enough to figure out another method for untangling your knot. For example:

  • Do you have an antique necklace? Don’t cut it!
  • Is your chain gold-plated? No cutting!
  • Is your chain made of super-thin gold? No cutting!
  • Is your chain expensive? No cutting!

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