8 Things to be careful about when buying Hematite jewelry

When buying Hematite jewelry, there are 8 things you need to be careful about in order to protect yourself.

buying Hematite jewelry

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The Hematite color should be opaque and shiny

The hematite color should be opaque and shiny. If the stone is translucent, it most likely isn’t hematite. Furthermore, if the stone appears dull and splotchy, then it probably isn’t hematite.

If you can see through the stone (translucent) it is not hematite.

Check if the piece is safe to wear

To ensure that the hematite jewelry you’re buying won’t pose a danger to your skin, check for the following:

  • The piece should be free of any dents, chips, or cracks.
  • The clasp should work as intended. Make sure it doesn’t feel loose or too tight. Also, check if it can still hold its weight without breaking apart.
  • Check if the piece is hypoallergenic, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some people can develop rashes around their necks when they wear jewelry with nickel in them. If this is something you need to watch out for, make sure that the metal used in the hematite necklace or bracelet you want is nickel-free.
  • Check if the piece is free of any sharp edges, especially if it has enameled parts—this may also scratch your skin and cause irritation over time.

Check the clarity of the piece

  • Check the clarity of the piece. When you buy any stone, it’s important to check its clarity. Clarity indicates how many flaws a stone has and it’s an indication of its value. Inclusions in natural hematite can lower its value and these may include having cracks, fissures, fractures, or being cloudy.
  • The top-grade for hematite pieces is AAA which means that it should be completely opaque with no signs of cloudiness or any other flaws. This will guarantee that your hematite pendant, ring, or bracelet will be as shiny and smooth as possible.

Check if the seller is reputed

We recommend you to read the reviews of the seller and look at the rating, number of items sold, number of repeat buyers, number of items listed by the seller, etc. before you make a purchase. Generally, a higher rating means that the seller is more reputed and has more experience in selling these types of jewelry items online. If a seller has a 100 percent rating with more than 10 ratings from different customers, then you can be sure that they are most likely going to provide great value for your money. Most sellers will not have any return policy as they are offering handmade products which cannot be returned or exchanged so if there is such a clause or provision present in their terms, then it should be adhered to strictly by both parties involved in the transaction.

Go Through The Reviews Of The Seller When Buying Online

You should also read online reviews of the seller before buying. The reviews will help you understand if the seller has a good reputation for providing good quality products and satisfactory customer service. You should avoid buying Hematite jewelry from an online store with bad reviews or a lot of negative reviews.

The Price of Hematite Jewelry Should Be Reasonable

Reasonable prices are critical when shopping for hematite. You want to pay a price that’s in line with your expectations for the size and quality of the piece, but not so much that you feel taken advantage of or like you’re being ripped off. But if it’s too cheap, it might not be genuine or high-quality, so here’s what to keep in mind:

When buying a large, top-tier specimen, expect to pay at least $5 per carat. When looking to buy a small, lower quality piece (still “authentic” hematite), consider spending more than $10-$20 per carat. But don’t get taken advantage of! If something seems just a little too cheap or expensive given the factors above, don’t buy it!

Choose The Perfect Jewelry That Matches Your Clothes

Know what you are going to wear the jewelry with so you don’t end up purchasing something that doesn’t match any of your clothes!

Choose Dark-colored Hematite Jewelry

Choose dark-colored hematite jewelry if you want something subtle, rather than flashy. Darker hematite stones are usually more expensive because they are harder to find but they will go with most outfits and help make you look classy rather than gaudy.

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