Is Your Ring Too Big? Here’s How to Get the Size You Want

Is Your Ring Too Big? If you love a ring but it’s a little too big, don’t despair! In this article, I’m going to show you how to get the perfect size ring.

Is Your Ring Too Big

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Problem: The ring spins around your finger

One of the most common problems people have with rings is that they are too large. In addition to not looking great on your finger, it’s also a safety hazard: Rings that slip off your finger easily can get lost or damaged.

If you’re dealing with this problem and aren’t sure what to do, don’t worry! It’s fairly easy to fix.

Solution: Get it resized

Your best bet is to find a jeweler who will do the job for free or for a low fee. If you’re lucky, they might have the right size ring on hand and you might be able to get the perfect fit right away!

Look for a jeweler who is willing to do the job for free or for a low fee

Once you know what the issue is, there are three ways to go about solving the problem of a too-big ring: resizing, buying a different size, or getting a ring guard or band.

Buying a new ring (in the right size) is probably the easiest and most obvious, but also tends to be more costly. Resizing will cost less than buying a new ring if you can find a jeweler who is willing to do it for free, or for under $100. If you choose to resize, look for a jeweler who has experience with your particular brand or type of jewelry; in particular, if you are resizing an engagement ring with fancy cuts surrounding the diamond (like halo settings), it is best to go to the same jeweler where you bought your ring in order to avoid any damage that might occur when attempting to resize rings that have diamonds in them.

Find other ways to fill the extra space without getting it resized

If you aren’t able to get your ring resized, there are a few other options that can help. If your ring is too big in one place, have a jeweler solder it smaller in that spot.

For example, if the band of your ring is too large but the stone fits perfectly, you can get the shank fixed. Or if the area under the stone is too loose but the rest of the band still fits well, you can get sizing balls added above and below the stone.

Another option, if it’s only a little too big and doesn’t spin around on your finger, is adding a clear coat of nail polish inside the band to make it thicker and fit tighter on your finger.

You also could try wrapping a thin layer of medical tape around the inside of your ring when you wear it for added grip and stability.

Wrap a thin layer of medical tape around the inside of the band when you wear it

You have a couple of options. The simplest is to wrap a thin layer of medical tape around the inside of the band when you wear it. It might not sound very attractive, but if you use clear tape, no one will be able to tell (and this isn’t something people are going to be inspecting over brunch). It’s also pretty inexpensive and can be found in most drug stores. If you want something more permanent that doesn’t involve tape, opt for ring guards.

Ring guards clip onto the sides of your ring and keep it from slipping off your finger. They’re available in different sizes, so make sure you get one that actually fits.

Use a jewelry sizing gauge to determine what size ring you need

Use a jewelry sizing gauge to determine what size ring you need. You can find these at most craft and jewelry supply stores. You can also find them online at places such as Amazon, Fire Mountain Gems, or the Rio Grande. If you have a local jeweler you frequent, they may be willing to let you use theirs (or they might just size it for you!).

Take your ring to a jeweler

The easiest way to get your ring sized? Take it to a jeweler. But before you book an appointment, make sure the jeweler has the proper tools and experience in resizing rings.

There are several methods that may be used for resizing. The method used depends on the metal of the ring, the setting and style of your gemstones, and the size of the ring desired.

For example, a larger resize may require soldering whereas a small resize can be done without displacing any stones or adding metal. You should be able to wear your ring right away once it has been properly sized!

If you have a treasured stone, like an heirloom diamond or sapphire engagement ring that is too big, take extra care when choosing your jeweler so that they will treat your precious gems with care while adjusting them to fit comfortably on your finger.

How to make your ring more comfortable in the meantime (Summary)

it’s not hard to resize your ring, but there are ways to make it more comfortable in the meantime.

When it comes to resizing your ring, there are a few different options.

  • Take it to the jeweler: This one is pretty self-explanatory. A jeweler can resize your ring for you at a fairly reasonable price.
  • Ring Sizer: You can also buy a little tool called a ring sizer to help figure out the right size for you if your partner doesn’t know yours already. This is particularly helpful if he or she plans on surprising you with an engagement ring!
  • Medical Tape: If you don’t have time to take it in and get it properly resized and don’t want to wear it on the wrong hand while you wait, Grab some medical tape (the smooth kind), wrap it around the inside of your band, and voila—your finger will feel much more comfortable as soon as you wear it again! Just don’t use superglue.

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