The Meaning Of Blue Obsidian – A Complete Guide

What is the meaning of Blue Obsidian? It is a spiritual stone, used for meditation and healing purposes that are believed to have many special powers. So what is Blue Obsidian? What does it mean and how to use it? How should we choose the best one? This post will try to answer all these questions.

Blue Obsidian

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What is Blue Obsidian?

Blue Obsidian is a gemstone. Blue Obsidian gemstones are rare in nature, but naturally occurring blue obsidian can be found in Australia and Canada. Blue Obsidian is made from glassy materials which are formed from molten lava.

The Meaning Of Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian is a stone for reflection and stillness.

This crystal helps you to reflect on your thoughts, actions, emotions, and beliefs.

Blue Obsidian can help you to become more aware of how you really feel about yourself, your life, and the people you choose to surround yourself with.

Where Does Blue Obsidian Come From?

Where Does Blue Obsidian Come From?

Blue obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that forms when lava flows over the surface of the land. It forms when it cools down very quickly, and like other types of obsidian, it is found in areas where volcanoes exist. Some of these areas include Mexico, Iceland, and Italy. The color blue in blue obsidian comes from the presence of water molecules inside the stone as it was forming.

How Much is a Piece of Blue Obsidian Worth?

Blue Obsidian is of great value, but it’s not that expensive. It is a precious stone and the price varies depending on where you buy it. Blue Obsidian can be found in many places. You can find this stone at a flea market, or even online.

If you are looking for a good gift for someone you love, then this is one of them!

I think it would make a nice gift to give to anyone who loves jewelry or stones.

The meaning of blue obsidian is that it helps us with self-reflection and stillness.

Blue Obsidian is a stone of inner truth and clarity. When you think of the color blue, you might think of a clear sunny day.

This is exactly what Blue Obsidian brings to your life. It helps you to see who you really are, it allows you to be honest with yourself, and it helps us to chisel away at your ego until we are left with who we truly are. You see, for many people in this world, who we really are has been hidden from view by all the emotional baggage that we have accumulated over our lifetime. 

Stress and worry build up inside us until it can feel heavy like stone. This is not good for anyone’s mental health or well-being. However, Blue Obsidian will help alleviate this emotional baggage by giving you clarity about your own emotions and feelings so that they no longer weigh down on your heart like an anchor

What is Blue Obsidian used for?

Blue Obsidian is a wonderful stone to aid in communication and can help one to reflect on oneself during times of change. It is also often used in meditation and can be associated with the Throat Chakra.

How To Use Blue Obsidian?

You can use it in meditation. Meditating with this stone is a wonderful way to get the benefits of its energy. It will help you find your truth, and be more honest and open with yourself. It will help you see past the lies that you have told yourself and others so that you can learn to become more authentic in all aspects of your life.

It will assist you in seeing through self-deception and illusions into the things that are most important to us. It helps us to see our true selves in the mirror, not just what we want others to think we are like.

How To Clean Blue Obsidian?

Here are some ways to clean blue obsidian:

Saltwater bath: Saltwater baths are effective at cleansing crystals but not all stones enjoy a saltwater bath because salt can corrode them over time or change their color ever so slightly. Blue obsidian doesn’t seem to mind being cleansed in saltwater though so if this is an easy option for you then go ahead and use it!

Sunlight/Moonlight: Some people swear by sunlight or moonlight as the best way to cleanse their crystals. Neither sunlight nor moonlight will harm blue obsidian so this is another option for cleansing. The great thing about using sunshine or moonbeams is that both are free! You don’t even have to take off any clothing (unless you want to) when using these methods of cleansing!

Smudging: Smudging is popular among many crystal users because they believe smoke from burning certain herbs cleanses negative energy from crystals and anything else near them including people and homes. 

The theory behind smudging comes from Native American traditions where the sage was burned as part of rituals used while praying for health, longevity, and peace among other things such as clearing out bad energies brought on by anger or fear during arguments at home. You don’t need sage though if you want to smudge; any type of woody herb.

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