What is a Mother’s Ring? A Definition and the Meaning Behind It

Mother's Ring

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What is a Mother’s Ring?

A Mother’s Ring is a ring that has the birthstones of each of her children set in it.

These rings have been around for generations, but they have recently become more and more popular. Now, mothers can wear them as both their engagement rings and their wedding bands to show off that they are proud to be a mother. 

A Mother’s Ring is not just for mothers though! Grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and other family members can wear these as well! No one is excluded from wearing these special rings!

The Meaning of Mother’s Rings

Mothers’ rings are symbolic of a mother’s love and devotion to her children. The jewelry pieces are passed down from generation to generation, creating a lasting tradition that celebrates family unity and the love within it.

A mother’s ring is a great way to show your mother how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her. When you give your mom one of these rings, you are acknowledging all the sacrifices she has made for you throughout the years. It is an expression of your gratitude for all the hard work she has put in as well as an appreciation for all the times she was there for you when you needed her most.


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Mother’s Ring Is A Great Gift

This ring can not only be worn by women of all ages but it’s also designed to complement any personal style. It can be made in a variety of metals, including gold and silver. The stones can be engraved with names or initials, and you don’t have to limit yourself to only using birthstones! A mother’s ring is the perfect gift because it is so versatile. It will look good on your mom whether she’s 18 or 80, whatever her style preference may be—and with a wide range of price points available, you don’t have to break the bank either!


There are many different reasons why mothers wear a mother’s ring:

  • It signifies your love for your children.
  • It symbolizes that you love having a family and that you are proud of your children.
  • It is a piece of jewelry or accessory that you can wear every day and show off to the world.
  • It shows your children that they matter to you and that they are special in your life.


The concept of a mother’s ring is a relatively new one, having only been around for the last century or so. The first mother’s ring came about in the 1920s. This original mother’s ring was designed as a way to commemorate the birth of a child.

The first-ever mother’s rings were designed and created by the Josten’s company. Josten’s is well known for creating class rings and even today they remain one of the most popular companies that create these personalized mementos.

The original design of the mother’s ring was very basic. Made from gold, and featuring birthstones, this unique type of keepsake not only commemorated the birth of a child but also allowed mothers to show off their love for their children without actually having to wear a piece of traditional jewelry, such as an engagement or wedding band.

Why Do People Wear Mother’s Rings?

  • A Mother’s Ring is a gift from a child to his or her mother, signifying their love and affection
  • Rings are popular gifts when celebrating the birth of children, the anniversary of becoming a mother, or on Mother’s Day.
  • The rings represent the family dynamic and can be customized with birthstones or other symbols representative of the family.
  • The rings are typically given as sentiment gifts because they represent an unbreakable bond between parent and child.
  • Mother’s Rings are often passed down through generations as heirlooms.

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