What Is The Cheapest Cut Diamond?

People sometimes ask questions along the lines of what is the cheapest cut diamond. In this post, we are going to answer that question.

Cheapest Cut Diamond

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There is not a single cut that is best for every diamond

There is not a single cut that is best for every diamond. The cheapest cut diamonds are the step-cut fancy shapes. You can also save money by buying round brilliant diamonds with shallower depth percentages and wider tables. Another way to get a cheaper diamond is to pick stones that are not perfectly white – lower color grades will cost less per carat, though there will be tradeoffs in terms of appearance.

While the quality of the cut has a major impact on the appearance of your diamond, you must be careful when looking for cheap diamonds because poor cuts affect how light travels through your stone and result in poor brightness and sparkle.

What is the cheapest cut diamond?

The cheapest cut diamond is the step-cut fancy shape. Step-cut diamonds are square or rectangular in shape and have a rectangular table, large facets, and deep pavilions. Due to the fact that step-cut diamonds do not return as much light as brilliant cuts, they tend to be less expensive than round brilliant cut diamonds.

The most common step-cut fancy shapes are:

  • Asscher-Cut Diamonds
  • Baguette Diamonds (usually found on rings as side stones)
  • Emerald-Cut Diamonds

What is the cheapest cut for a round diamond?

When it comes to round brilliant diamonds, the cheapest cut is known as a “Good” cut. Good-cut diamonds are often sold in the bargain section of jewelry stores. However, these diamonds don’t look good, and they aren’t particularly cheap either.

So how can you tell if a diamond is well-cut?

The best way you can avoid a diamond that was poorly cut is to ask for a certificate from an independent laboratory like AGS or GIA. A laser inscribed certificate will show whether or not the diamond performed well on its light performance test (e.g., proportion analysis).

How to find the cheapest cut diamonds?

Finding the cheapest cut diamond is all about doing your research. Researching cut diamonds online is easy but when it comes to finding the best price, a little extra work goes a long way.

Reading reviews and researching on your own will help you find the cheapest cut diamonds available. If you are planning to go through with purchasing a diamond, it’s definitely worth taking some time to learn what options are out there and how much they typically cost so you can get the best deal.

Know the best diamond cut for your budget and needs

There’s a lot to think about when you’re buying a diamond. One of the most important aspects is cut, and within that aspect, there are many options. With each different cut, there’s also a price range associated with it. So, what is the cheapest diamond cut available?

The best (and least expensive) diamond you can buy is an excellent or ideal-cut round brilliant. However, if your budget won’t stretch to an excellent-cut diamond, then choose the best cut quality you can afford within your budget – even if it’s not an excellent-cut diamond. This is because there are other factors you should consider in addition to cut quality that will impact how good a deal you’re getting on your diamond purchase:

How Are Diamonds Priced?

The 4Cs of diamonds – color, cut, clarity and carat weight – are rated on a scale to determine a diamond’s quality. The rare the diamond’s properties are, the higher its price and value.

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